Laaaavaio – Play Game Online Free

Laaaavaio – Play Game Online Free

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Laaaavaio – Play Game Online Free

Laaaavaio game is a new multiplayer io game play free on io games craze

Laaaavaio Description

About depends on The Floor is Lava challenge/image!

Step by step instructions to Play

Move your cursor at that point snap to get in motivation toward that path. Be the last individual to touch the magma! Strategy

Remain alive until there is one other individual left at that point go for the slaughter! In this game you have to remain above the lava and try to push other 4 player into the lava so that you can survive til the end. Prevent yourself to get into the lava cause it is clear that when your round ball is above the lava it is safe but when it is in the lava the ball will burst and in a result you will lose this game has same attributes as bonkio game cause in bonkio game you also have to survive til the end. The difference is that in bonkio game you are against three other player but in lavaio you are against 4 other players and if you are new in this game you have to start practicing by playing and survive till the last. One of the most fascinating io game i have ever seen in my life and i am suggesting you to play this addicting game cause it is an amazing game. you can play this game free on io games craze.
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Hi! I'm the designer of! Here's somewhat more about myself. I pass by the name of GoalieSave25 on the web, I cherish Rocket League and Game Development. I live in the US and I'm presently making the most of my late spring! In the event that you might want to email me, do as such at Appreciate playing!


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