Krewio- Play Krew io multiplayer online game

Krewio- Play Krew io multiplayer online game

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Krewio- Play Krew io multiplayer online game


Krewio is a mannequin new io multiplayer game play it free on io games craze

About Krewio Game

Krewio is an superior on the seas cannon fireplace recreation in a 3d atmosphere. You begin off on one among two groups indicated by colors and management a ship with a cannon going round destroying different ships. This recreation is tons of enjoyable to play with buddies. Even alone as you possibly can single handedly dismantle a fleet in the event you’re expert sufficient. Beware nevertheless there are some AI’s roaming the ocean additionally. And so they’re in big pirate ships that require your staff cooperating to take out!

Easy methods to play Krewio Game

To achieve success in Krewio you’re going to want to practise steering fairly a bit. Once I first bought on the controls felt type of bizarre as your transfer your cannon across the boat as a way to direct it. It is doing this clearly modifications the place you shoot from so you could alter earlier than attacking. Teamwork is essential on the seas, a captain is barely as robust as his crew in any case, on that observe there are in fact elected captains for squads. These will probably be randomly choose and change as soon as the captain dies. So far as I do know it doesn’t offer you every other advantages apart from with the ability to situation orders in chat.


Use the WASD keys to maneuver your cannon round on the boat. which is able to steer it within the route. You’re going in the direction of and use the mouse to direct your boat/intention your cannon.


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