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Hordesio ( game) The new battlefield io game

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Hordesio ( game) The new battlefield io game
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Hordesio game is a unique 3d game which is interesting and attractive io game. The game is available in the 3d aspects. The goal of the player is to search monsters and kill them. He can do it solely as well as a team member. You can team up with other players and you can also add your friends to become a team. In many ways, and wildsio games are alike.

The game is looking like a MMO game. There are four classes which are available in the game. First one is warrior (tanks, second is a ranger. The third one is a mage and also healer class is available. When you start your game then you are in a safe area of the map where you can face guards and other players. The task of the user is to kill or get rid of those evils and also get experience. After doing it, you will be able to unlock several features and will become stronger than others. When you become strong then you can easily destroy your enemies which have lower powers. After going further you will find deadly dangerous enemies which seem more challenging.

The game team is updating one feature that is, clan feature. In this feature, you can add your friends and also find them in the stage of the game. You have to make a clan with a unique name and unique tag. The clan will allow you to have chat with your team members in order to make a strategy. Additionally, you can easily watch your clan members. You can get this feature after completing 15 levels. After doing it, you will be able to add your friends or people in your clan.

How to Play Hordesio Game (

The player can control its horde by pressing WASD keys. The user can also turn the camera of the game towards his enemies in order to kill them. In the end, you can explore your abilities by pressing 1-4 number keys.It is possible that the game team will add secondary team manager option. Currently, the leader can send an invitation to the people. All you need to do is to press invite button in hordesio. When a player will join your group then he needs a different and unique character name.

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