Io games craze – New .io games list:

When we look into online games then we come to know that there are a number of online games. After several genres, now new games are becoming popular among the masses that is, io games. In order to make an io game the developers choose .io domain or extension for these browser-based games. There are a number of examples we can quote including starve.io, skribbl.io, wormate.io and wormax.io etc.

Io games list:

If you want to see the whole list of io games then io games craze is here for you. We are making it possible for the masses so that they can play these games on our website. Iogames craze is collecting all these games from all around the world. We are also adding some instructions regarding these games and they are easy to play like other arcade games. These games are available in multiplayer mode which makes it unique and interesting from other games. Additionally, the controls of the games are also similar to other games in which you use mouse + keyboard.

Best io games online:

There are several developers in the market who want to make games only on io extensions. They are developing or making io games on weekly basis with new and unique ideas. Agar.io was the first and famous game among these games and it is common for the gamers. After the completing of this game, there are several people who are making a replica of this idea. Agario is a cell eating game but there are several snake games too in io games including supersnakeio and slitherio. Now they are making new games on more ideas like shooting, tanks, the ball as well as flappy bird. The user simply needs an internet connection and PC in order to play io games free online. There is no need to download any game just open your browser and play the best io games online.