Bonkio – Play Game 2 Play Online

Bonkio – Play Game 2 Play Online

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Bonkio – Play Game 2 Play Online

Bonkio game is a new multiplayer new io game play on iogamescraze

An Overview and Description of Bonkio game is one of many well known .io recreations and is an exceptionally straightforward yet addicting multiplayer diversion that pits you against other individuals in a full scale fight royale. Alter your character (circle) at any rate you need and battle up to three other individuals in one of several diverse, player tweaked maps. Get by in a perpetually moving condition or push each other from the screen with an end goal to be the last one standing! The potential outcomes are inestimable! Do you have what it takes to make it in

Engineer is produced by Chaz, a London-based amusement designer who has already made Tiny Tanks, Project Gungame, and that's just the beginning. Control Arrows to move X to make yourself heavier Stay on screen to survive! Hold x to brace before a collision with an enemy, but while holding x you are much less manoeuvrable. To bounce yourself higher, press down on the way down, and up on the way up! is a quick paced multiplayer amusement, thump your adversaries off the screen and be the last one remaining to win! Play on a great many client made levels, and make your own and play on them with the group!

Strategy, Tricks to Win in BONK IO

Do not move a lot if it is not necessary! This is the simplest strategy that will help you to win in Bonkio. Sometimes it is enough to just stay still while other players are putting themselves in danger, and watch them die from the safe place. To kill other players you can jump on them and thus push them off the edges or directly on the black objects. Don't forget to press X falling down to attack an enemy to give him a good hit. To jump high simply hold the arrow key up while jumping and arrow key down while falling. This will make you jump really high to avoid enemy attacks und plan striking hits.


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